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How to lock apps on iPhone in easy steps Step 1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Screen Time. Tap Turn On Screen Time if you haven't done so yet 1. To start with, go to your device's Settings > General > Accessibility and tap on the Guided Access option. 2. Turn on the Guided Access feature and tap on the Passcode Settings. 3. After selecting the Set Guided Access Passcode option, you can set up a passcode to use it as an app lock for iPhone. 4

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Lock Apps on iPhone with Passcode. Follow the steps below to Lock Apps on iPhone with Passcode. 1. Open Settings > scroll down and tap on Screen Time. 2. On the next screen, tap on Turn On Screen Time. 3. If this is the first time you are setting up screen time, tap on Continue > This is My iPhone. 4 How to access the locked apps Open the app and tap on 'Ask for more time' from the bottom of the screen. Enter the 'Screen Time passcode' Now, it will ask you the time which you want to access the app To disallow all downloaded apps, select Don't Allow Apps. Otherwise, tap all of the age ratings you wish to allow. For example, if you want to allow apps that are appropriate for ages 4+, 9+, and 12+, tap each of these options. To allow all apps to be used no matter the age rating, tap Allow All Apps This feature resides in your Settings app, so pop it open and then follow these steps to get to the apps. Scroll down to and tap Touch ID & Passcode. Enter your passcode to access the settings. Move to the near bottom of the screen to the section called Allow Access When Locked

Enabling Touch ID for use in apps means that you can lock apps with your fingerprint on your iPhone and iPad. Using Touch ID as an app locker allows you to protect sensitive information such as private documents or personal finance information, instead of setting a password that you might forget. However, other apps such as Facebook don't allow you to use a fingerprint lock To set a password app lock using Guided Access, take the steps below: 1. Open Settings -> General. 2 iPhone 8 and earlier/iOS 7 and up: Double-click the home button, slide apps to find the one to quit, swipe the app up off the top. iPhone 8 and earlier/iOS 6 and below: Double-click the home button, slide apps to find the one to quit > tap and hold > tap the red badge Hi guys in this video I'll show you how you can app lock or screen lock your WhatsApp with touch id and face id on your iPhone. Follow me on Instagram: www.i..

To learn lock apps on iPhone, follow these steps: 1. Firstly, unlock the device and go to its Settings > General > Restrictions. 2. Simply tap on the Enable Restrictions option and set a passcode for the restriction. 3. Under the Allow tab, turn off the feature, and the app would be blocked. 4. Apart from blocking apps, you can also apply. Parental Controls, also known as Restrictions, let you manage which features, apps, and content your kids can and can't access on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.It also lets you set Screen Time limits for specific apps that you'd rather your kids not spend all day on. If you want to disable specific apps altogether, here's how! How to set Restrictions on iPhone and iPad in iO

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Go back to AppLocker main menu and select Application Locker Choose apps, you want to lock. Now every time you open locked app, you must enter the set password. This app not only allows you to lock your apps, but you can also lock the folders (the one which is used to categorize and organize the apps) on the phone Launch Photos App, select images you want to lock with Notes (You can select multiple files), then tap the Share icon in the bottom-left corner. Tap Notes through the list of Apps. You can tap More if you don't see it and then select Notes from the list of Apps that appears. By default, this will be a New Note Which iPhone apps allow you to set a lock? Apple has opened up Touch ID to third-party apps in general, but in our experience it's mostly banking apps that have taken the company up on the offer.

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How to lock apps on iPhone in iOS 12.With iOS 12 running on Your iPhone, now you will be able to lock the apps on iPhone using a screen time setting.Apple bo.. Guided access can be used to temporary lock down your iPhone to a single app. With guided access, you can app lock iPhone features, prevent typing, disable motion sensors, disable most areas of the screen, etc. To set up guided access on your iPhone, follow the steps below: Step 1. Go to iPhone Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Guided Access

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  1. Part 2: How to lock apps on iPhone using guided access. The 'Guided access' refers to restrict access to a specific app or page. You can lock the screen to a particular app, and prevent the navigation to other windows or home screen. You can make use of that specific app within the time limit. This scenario of guided access is useful when.
  2. Lock Apps on iPhone. While checking out another iOS feature, Screen Time, I found out that you can actually lock an app. The iPhone would stop you from accessing the app unless you entered the passcode. This is perfect for adding a passcode on any app. However, it has two alleged loopholes and that's why I call it a crude workaround
  3. There are many ways to lock apps on iPhone but screen time gives much functionality to lock apps. Therefore, it is the complete procedure on How to Lock Apps on iPhone in 2020 | Step by Step. Most of the users really don't know yet about Screen time and its usage
  4. Lock your Apps on iPhone and iPad with a passcode. Open the Setting app on the iPhone or iPad.; Tap on Screen Time. (Screen time enabled by default.Then, Tap on App Limits. (Tap on the Switch Next in Controler Center under Allow access when to lock, if you want to access for a Specific time.Here, you have to set a New Passcode. (You can probably close the app for Today.
  5. The trick involves setting up Screen Time and App Limits for the apps you want to protect using a passcode. Follow the steps below to know how. The steps will work on all iPhones and iPads running iOS 12. Lock Apps Using Passcode On iPhone

With this, all apps on your iPhone or iPad will lock after one minute of use. To continue usage, the password you set in step 2, will be required. How To Unlock Apps On iPhone and iPad. Back to the home screen, you'd realize all apps now has a timer icon with a dimmed color background Parental Controls, also known as Restrictions, let you manage which features, apps, and content your kids can and can't access on the iPhone or iPad. That includes the iTunes Store, which sells music, movies, and TV shows, the iBooks Store, which sells ebooks, and the App Store, which sells apps and games

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  1. If you do not like the image to unlock your iPhone, then you can download other screen lock apps to your iPhone to make the change. Pimp Your Screen. Price: $0.99 It is designed with exclusive selection of specially designed backgrounds, icon skins, app shelves, neon combos and many other eye candies..
  2. On an iPhone X or later, swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen. To close, swipe up from the bottom of the screen or tap the screen. On an iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 8 or earlier, or iPod touch, swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen. To close, tap the top of the screen or press the Home button
  3. apple doesn't provide any such feature and neither it allows any application on appstore to do that. So if anyone tells you they are misguiding you. You can only lock your device but not your individual apps. But there are few work around which i.

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  1. Block Apps on iPhone X/8/7 with 3rd-party Program. There are various free and paid third-party apps on the App Store that can be used to block any unwanted iOS applications. This comprehensive guide is, however, only going to introduce you three popular apps that have been shown to easily yet effectively block apps on the iPhone. 1. Net Nann
  2. Apple's own Notes app for the iPhone is one example. You can lock individual notes by tapping the Share button (inside a note) or long-pressing on a note (on the notes list) and then choosing Lock.
  3. The only solution is by knowing the different methods of how to lock photos on iPhone. This article details the same. How to Password Lock iPhone Photos . Here are the easy ways to passcode lock pictures, folders and apps on your iPhone 11/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/SE/6s/6 as well as other iDevices. Method 1: Lock Your Apps with Guide Acces
  4. Method 1: Lock down Apps and Settings on iPhone and iPad via Restrictions Restrictions, also known as Parental Controls, let you manage and restrict certain apps or websites, in-app purchases, content types and ratings, device functions (like deleting apps and installing new apps), privacy settings, cellular data use, and more on your iPhone.
  5. Native apps are those that come standard with your iPhone and are integrated into the iPhone's software, called iOS. Examples of native apps are Messages, Safari, Phone, and iBooks. If one of your native apps goes missing, it's simply been moved or turned off in Settings -> General -> Restrictions
  6. Best Vault Apps To Hide Photos & Videos 1. Private Photo Vault Pro - Photo & Video Hider ( iPhone + iPad ):-This is one of the best and popular photo vault apps for iPhone and iPad. With the help of Private Photo Vault Pro app, you can protect your special photos & videos by pin lock, pattern or dot lock on your iPhone and iPad
  7. One such feature is Face detection, by enabling face detection you can easily lock the specific apps. This is available for iPhone X and some recently launched Android devices. There is also fingerprint feature to lock your iPhone and Android devices. Many third-party apps also allow you to lock specific applications
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To lock Apps on your android Phone, first, download the App and open it. Then follow the below instructions. Open your phone's Settings app. Tap Apps & notifications and then Notifications. Tap On lock screen and then Don't show notifications at all. If you pick this option as your default, the setting applies to all apps Some of the apps that can use this trick are social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter. But constantly logging out and logging in might not be the best solution because it's troublesome and annoying. The (Semi) Elegant Solution to Lock iOS Apps on iPhone and iPad. Fortunately, all is not lost

Then, it's time to enable an app limit. You can set time limits for apps. The idea here is that you can set a minimum limit, and have the lock kick in almost immediately Then again, such tweaked apps are not available on the App Store. So, in order to install them, you'd usually need to jailbreak your iOS device, which might not be a preferable option for all. Here, we'll demonstrate how you can lock WhatsApp by installing a tweaked version of the app, without jailbreaking your iPhone

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Once again Thanks to the Jailbreak Community where iPhone users can enjoy the App-Specific password protection. A free iPhone App: LockDown, available in Cydia has the ability to Password protect your desired application on iPhone. LockDown works like a charm on iPhone OS 3.0 and also supports 2.x firmwares as well. How to Password Protect/Lock Applications on iPhone Go to Settings and tap Screen Time. Tap Continue, then choose This is My [Device] or This is My Child's [Device]. If you're the parent or guardian of your device and want to prevent another family member from changing your settings, tap Use Screen Time Passcode to create a passcode, then re-enter the passcode to confirm

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  1. With this iPhone file manager, you will be able to zip files on iPhone, zip files with password on iPhone.These two options work similarly as WinRAR on PC. See this guide to lock files and folder on PC using WinRAR.If you do not want to compress files, but merely lock files and prevent them from unthorized access, you can choose the Lock option. . After that, you will be able to choose a 4.
  2. How to Use Guided Access on iPhone & iPad. In order to get started with guided access on a specific app, you'll need to enable this feature first within the accessibility settings. So, simply follow the steps below to turn the feature on and start using it to lock an app on screen. Head over to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  3. Thankfully, you can lock your entire device, but sometimes that isn't enough. As a result, a ton of people out there are looking for ways to lock individual apps in case people do get access to their phone. Thankfully, there is a way to lock certain apps on the iPhone and we will take a closer look at it here
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To lock the iPhone immediately, press the Sleep/Wake button. To unlock it, press the Sleep/Wake button again. Or, press the Home button on the front of the screen. Either way, the on-screen slider appears, but your iPhone doesn't actually awaken until you drag the slider to the right with your finger.. If you use iPhone x you can even set the Face ID to lock your application. To activate this advanced feature, tap on more at the bottom of your iPhone screen. Then make arrangements in the log in and security section, tap Touch ID or Face ID, tap the slider on the next page until it's green Manage Face ID Access for Specific Apps; How to Sign Into Apps with Face ID on iPhone and iPad Pro. Step #1. Launch the Supported app and tap Sign in. Step #2. Now, allow the app to use your username or password. To do so, tap on the details that show up above the keyboard. Step #3. Next, simply glance at your iPhone to Sign in

To lock WhatsApp on your iPhone so your face or fingerprint are required to see your WhatsApp chats even if your iPhone is already unlocked, follow these steps: Open WhatsApp Click on the Settings. RELATED: How to lock down maximum headphone volume on iPhone and iPad. To prevent the installation of new apps, set the Installing Apps switch in Restrictions to the OFF position. You can even disable In-App Purchases that way. RELATED: Tips for decreasing 'Other' storage on iOS. Need help? Ask iDB

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For those that own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you may want to know how to lock notes on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The ability to lock notes is a great feature that can keep things private when you don't want other to see what you have saved Add apps to the Always Allowed category by tapping the green + icon. Technically, if you only want to lock a few apps, you'll add most of your apps to the Always Allowed category. Any apps that aren't in this category (under the Choose Apps: heading) will be locked. That's about all there is to it

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Apple's Guided Access feature is unique in that it goes beyond Parental Controls and locks down your iPad to only one app, even buttons are disabled After setting your password and preferences, tap on Lock Apps & Folders to begin locking certain apps on your iPad or iPhone. Tap the app, then select Lock, or enable the Fast button on the top right which will simply let you quickly tap to lock and tap to unlock without needing to confirm every time

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So without wasting anytime lets take a look on How to lock apps on iPhone. How to lock apps on iPhone. Step 1: Firstly you want to do to lock apps on iPhone is to turn on screen time. Go to settings then go to screen time and make sure your screen time is turned on. And also use the Passcode to in Order to lock apps on iOS Device How to Unlock Apps with Face ID. Now that you've set up Face ID, it's time to learn how to use Face ID for apps. One of those ways is to unlock certain apps. For our example, I'll use the Day One app. However, Face ID can be used to unlock many other apps and also to access your saved usernames and passwords that are stored on your device Download Locker: Photo Vault & App Lock and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Store your Photos, Videos, Apps*, Notes, and Files behind FaceID/TouchID protection! • Change Locker's app icon to a calculator or timer

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How to Get the Weather on Your iPhone's Lock Screen. This wikiHow teaches you how to check the weather on your iPhone by swiping right on the screen when it's locked. Open your iPhone's Settings. It's a gray app containing gears (⚙️) on.. Folder Lock, Private Photo Vault, Keepsafe, and Secret Apps Photo Lock are just a few of the many file locker apps available in the App Store. Choose one you trust. Choose one you trust. Make sure it has decent reviews and doesn't lock too many features behind in-app purchases

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It provides features like Passcode Lock, Pattern Lock, Customize screen locks, Touch ID lock. Officially, Apple does not have the provision to lock apps individually. Hope the above post taught you How to lock apps on iPhone If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to ask them in the comments below. We will help you out Moreover, it puts a restriction on Deleting apps which prevents the thief from deleting the GadgetTrak off your lost device. Read below to know the features of GadgetTrak to lock your lost device. Step 1. Firstly; install the program on the device which you would use to lock your lost iPhone remotely. Step 2 Method #2: Bypass iPhone Lock Screen with Siri (iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.1) In case you are avid users of iPhones, then you must be aware of the use of speech recognition program called Siri, which not only follows your dictates but can be manipulated cunningly to bypass the lock screen. Read the instructions depicted in steps as follows: Step 1 So here I have a list of apps that not only offer password protection for Email on your iOS devices but also offer a bunch of extra features you might fall for. And most of these apps are free to use so let's have a look. Read: Best Applock for Android. Password Protect Email - iPhone 1. Edison Mail. No, it won't light up your phone

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This may cause those particular apps to take a longer time to load; however, if you disable this on apps you infrequently use, overall battery life may improve. All iPhone models include fundamental performance management to ensure that the battery and overall system operates as designed and internal components are protected As the name suggests, GiliSoft lets you lock executable EXE program files aka software and apps. The software works pretty well because unlike other software, it lets users unlock an app with the password as soon as you open the app, rather than going to the locker app and unlocking apps there Now reset your device and check if the activation lock has been removed from your iPhone or not. If the activation lock is removed, delete your iPhone's content follow the steps below: Head to the setting, go to the extensive menu, and select the Reset option. Click erase all content and settings, click on the confirm button and wait for a while How to Get Free apps without Password on iPhone Here we offer you the steps to download free apps without typing the password: Step 1: Click Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store (In case your iPhone is running iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store

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Just because your iPhone is locked with a passcode or Touch ID doesn't mean it's safe from prying eyes and fingers. These iOS settings can help lock down your phone's lock screen Summary: This article will show you a full guide to customize Lock screen on iPhone or iPad with iOS 11/10, including changing the wallpaper, disabling Raise to Wake, customizing Control Center, setting up Auto-Lock time and so on.. Lock screen on iPhone/iPad Play two opposing roles: It offers quick and convenient access to lots of features like Control Center, Siri, Camera and etc., and it. First, open the Messages app on your iPhone, then either create a new message or open an existing conversation (opening any message will do). Go to new message screen on your iPhone Swipe on the apps bar at the bottom (or above the keyboard) on the screen in the Messages app The two other models simultaneously released with the iPhone 11 were the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max which more or less have the same features and shortcuts. Among the features that the gadget came with was its Lock Screen ability. It's paramount for every user to learn how to lock the screen on their iPhone 11 If you loose your iPhone or iPad, Find My iPhone app will let you use another iOS device or your iCloud account to locate and lock your device remotely. You can see your device on map and figure out the location of your device. Here is the steps to Setup iPhone or iPad to locate and lock online

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It should appear on the lock screen, too - although this appears to only happen once you've tapped play from the Control Centre at least once - and on an Apple Watch that is paired with the iPhone Manually offload app on iPhone to Free Up Space. How to Offload Unused Apps Automatically. Go to Settings app on your iOS enabled iPhone or iPad and select the option that says General. Next, you need to tap on the iPhone Storage feature. In the next step, you must tap on Enable next option to remove the Unused Apps How to lock home screen icons on your iPhone, iPod and iPad Looking for a way to LOCK your home screen icons so they cannot be moved or re-arranged without your permission. Search no more as we have a solution for it You can get a weather forecast on your iPhone Lock Screen whenever it's time to wake up. Here are the steps to do this. What to know about seeing weather widget on iPhone Lock Screen. The weather widget is part of the Do Not Disturb feature for the Bedtime mode. You'll need to activate this mode to see the widget

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You can change the iPhone auto-lock time via Settings. If your iPhone locks too fast and you are exhausted to enter the passcode, again and again, use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock it. Here is how you can change the time on iPhone Lock Screen. Tap Settings-> Select Display & Brightness. Tap Auto-Lock and select from the most suitable timer. How To Download Apps On iPhone. Unlock your iPhone using your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. Open the App Store app. Find the app you want to download by browsing the Today, Games, or Apps section, or search for the app using the Search tab. Once you've found the app you want to download, tap Get to the right of the app Here are 4 quick ways to delete apps on iPhone and iPad. 4 Ways to Delete Apps on iPhone or iPad All this app installing, however, can easily eat up memory space and add to this the fact that these apps often require updates, means memory can often run short

See also- How to fix iPhone 5 Wifi issues. Fixes for apps crashing issue on iPhone 5 Method 1: Soft Reset. The first thing that you should try is to do a soft reset of your iPhone 5. This will clear up all the memory that you can avail in your iPhone 5 by killing all the active apps and unnecessary operations consuming memory Folder Lock is a feature-packed, dynamic data security application. It has a range of comprehensive security features that allows you password-protect, organize and hide your sensitive files, folders, videos, images and other receptive data saved on your Windows PC, USB drives, Android and iPhone devices How to Add and Adjust Home Screen Widgets On iPhone 8 or iPhone 8+ Unlock your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Go to your Home screen. Go to the Today screen by swiping right from either the Home screen or the lock screen. Scroll down to the bottom then select Edit. Add and remove widgets from this screen, or you can drag and move them around That is one of the reasons this isn't really a full-fledged app lock feature but just a small neat trick. Keep in mind that if you lock photos (or any similiar app) all the other apps that have permission to access the Photos app will see whats inside of them, f.e. Messenger -> send photo will not require you to input the passcode for access Tip 2. Create Folders for Related Apps on Your iPhone . Using the folders feature, you can group related apps on your iPhone or iPad. For example, if you have a few social networking apps, you can put them in a folder called Social so you know all of your social apps are in there If your iPhone or iPad screen doesn't rotate into landscape mode when you hold it lengthways, then you've likely got the Portrait Orientation Lock turned on. Here's how you can disable it. Here's.

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