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The iPhone XS Fails Drop Test — But There's a Big Problem

CNET conducted a test of its own to see how the iPhone XS would hold up. The site found that the new iPhones are more durable than the iPhone X Apple released last year. In fact, Apple's new.. Make an informed decision about the durability of the iPhone X vs. iPhone Xs Max with SquareTrade Labs in-depth drop, water, and bend tests. Learn more As a durability test done by YouTuber JerryRigEverything shows, the iPhone XS Max has the same hardness level on the Mohs scale as previous iPhones. This also means that it scratches at around the same hardness as older iPhones. Here's hoping the durable glass shows its worth when one drops their $1,000 smartphone

Customize your iPhone X HERE: https://dbrand.com/jerryrigx HUGE thanks to dbrand for supporting my channel. Show 'em some love. Its time to durability test t.. In our testing, the iPhone XS lasted 24.5 hours, and the Max made it to 26 hours. That's a big step up from the iPhone X's 19.5-hour performance and puts the new iPhones up there with this.

iPhone XS drop test: This phone would not crack. We dropped a brand-new gold iPhone XS onto the sidewalk four times to find out how durable the glass is on both sides. Vanessa Hand Orellana In a 5 foot dunk test for 30 minutes, the ‌iPhone 11‌ Pro came out unscathed, while the ‌iPhone 11‌ and 11 Pro Max suffered from audio distortion. the iPhone XS had a breakability.

iPhone Xs & Xs Max Water & Drop Test Durability

Dunk test: The device was held under five feet of water for 30 minutes. The 11 is officially rated to handle two meters (six feet six inches) of water for up to 30 minutes, while the 11 Pro and 11..

Unlike stainless steel used on the expensive iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the body of the iPhone XR is made of anodised aluminium and is mostly durable around the ports and physical buttons... Results of the iPhone 11 durability test. Overall, the iPhone 11 received a Breakability score of 73, which makes it a medium-high risk device. The iPhone 11 Pro received a score of 65, which is medium risk. The larger 11 Pro Max scored 85 points in SquareTrade's Breakability tests, meaning it's a high risk device The iPhone 12 is water resistant. But just how much water can it actually take? We dunked a brand-new iPhone 12 underwater in Lake Tahoe, California, to test out the IP68 rating and go even deeper.

The folks over at protection plan company SquareTrade put the smartphone's durability to the test, and well — the results do not warrant the $1,000 price tag. iPhone 4), so the scratch test. The new iPhone XR is out on the street and as expected all kinds of reviews, teardowns and durability tests have come along with it. The latest durability test from JerryRigEverything is here to.

While the iPhone XR is at least $250 cheaper than any version of the iPhone XS, testing by an electronics insurance company shows that the display is just as resistant to breakage during a drop The iPhone SE 2020 has been out as the cheapest smartphone that's officially in Apple's portfolio for the year.. It packs the same A13 Bionic processor that the iPhone 11 series have. But probably one of the most interesting facts about the iPhone SE 2020 is that it inherits the same body as the iPhone 8.. In fact, it's been revealed that the parts of the SE 2020 and iPhone 8 are pretty. Hur stor telefon man vill ha är ju då som nu en smaksak, men det är påtagligt när man byter från en Iphone X till den här nya Iphone XS Max hur snabbt man vänjer sig. Max-modellen med sina 6,5 tum känns rätt medan skärmen i Iphone X plötsligt känns konstigt liten och det bara efter någon timmes användande Tags: Galaxy S10 Plus, iPhone XS Max A life long Mac user and Apple enthusiast, Yoni Heisler has been writing about Apple and the tech industry at large for over 6 years

iPhone XS Undergoes Durability Test - Scratch, Burn and

  1. It's not an official source that can speak for Apple products, but it sure is reliable and consistent in testing the durability of iPhones. His channel is Jerryrigeverything, it's a very interesting channel for these kind of videos. I looked up the durability test on the iPhone X, and the iPhone Xs Max. Both scratch tests gave identical results
  2. iPhone XR Drop Test Shows Impressive Durability. Apple says that it uses the same front glass on the iPhone XR as the iPhone XS which it claims is the most durable smartphone glass ever. At the rear though, the iPhone XR uses the same glass as the iPhone X from last year
  3. Iphone XS Max är lättare att försvara då den tillför något nytt till Iphone-världen med sin stora heltäckande skärm, medan Iphone XS bara är extremt lik Iphone X, fast med högre prislapp. Är pengarna inte en faktor kan jag inte tänka mig att du blir besviken på Iphone XS, om du inte kommer direkt från en Iphone X, förstås
  4. iPhone XS Undergoes Durability Test - Scratch, Burn and Bend Tested. 2018-09-29 833 Posted by 3uTools. We have already seen the iPhone XS Max being torn down, drop tested, and compared to other flagship Android devices out there. Now, let's see just how durable the phone is

iPhone X Durability Test - Scratch BURN and Bend TESTED

Although Apple claims the iPhone XS and XS Max are the most durable ever, new drop tests reveal that they still break incredibly easily. In another drop test from TechSmart, the XS and XS Max. SquareTrade also tested the water resistance of the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max in a novel way, using a 5-foot 30 minute dunk test in a tank filled with 138 cans of beer The new iPhone XS and XS Max were subjected to extensive durability and drop tests and survived Apple started shipping its first batch of the iPhone XS and XS Max on September 21st and after iFixit tore them apart to find small hardware changes, the devices have now been subjected to drop and durability tests. The iPhone XS Max was put through bend, scratch and burn tests in the hands of. oT6VL4x-rHY aria-label iPhone Xs MAX Durability Test - How weak is the big iPhone by JerryRigEverything 1 year ago 7 minutes 30 seconds 9 257 551. Apple has released the new iPhone Xs flagships Its time to durability test the larger of the new iPhones the Apple iPhone Xs

iPhone XS Durability. I don't usually have a case on my iPhone. I test some, sometimes, and now use the battery case when I travel, but most of the time I use my iPhone the way nature and Jony Ive intended. I also don't baby it or any of my tech Tests show iPhone XR screen just as durable as iPhone XS and XS Max By Roger Fingas | 1 year ago While the iPhone XR is at least $250 cheaper than any version of the iPhone XS, testing by an.. Apple says the iPhone XS should last 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X, while the iPhone XS Max should last up to 90 minutes longer. Using a robotic finger designed to simulate a user's average day, Consumer Reports found the iPhone XS lasted 24.5 hours, while the iPhone XS Max made it to 26 hours EverythingApplePro also did a water test on the iPhone X. The first test was submerging the iPhone X at the 1 meter mark for 30 minutes and nothing happened. After that, EverythingApplePro kept the..

Apple's iPhone XS Max is about as robust, structurally sound, and premium-feeling as you'd expect, according to the latest JerryRigEverything durability test, but not quite as impressive as its price tag might suggest The pressure-point cycling tests place substantial force across an iPhone's display and encasing, while it is held along its edges, to ensure that an iPhone can be bent and pushed many times over..

Final Test Results: iPhone XS and XS Max - Consumer Report

Despite Apple's marketing, the iPhone XS Max's screen is just as scratch resistant as any recent iPhone. That is, it is glass that scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7 A pple has released their newest flagship smartphone - iPhone Xs/ Xs Max and Xr.And today going to show the Apple most expensive flagship - iPhone Xs Max durability test. iPhone Xs Max comes with the biggest screen ever made into a iPhone. As usual, JerryRigEverything's standard durability test that every smartphone must participate in. Will the iPhone Xs Max survive being scratched. Responding to our findings, Apple affirmed the iPhone X's durability based on the company's rigorous real world testing and said that the phone is made from the most durable glass ever in a.. The iPhone XS was tested by CNet for its durability in real-life situations such as being dropped from a pocket onto a tar road CNet conducted a drop test from the height of a pocket. The point of impact was the top corner of the display, with it landing face down. No dents, cracks or scratches were reported According to Apple, the iPhone XS can last up to 30 minutes longer, and the iPhone XS Max can last up to an hour and 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X on a full charge. Of course, that depends on..

Another change in iPhone XS and its enlarged version XS Max is the improved water protection, from IP67 to IP68. According to the Apple website, the smartphones survive a 30-minute immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters. During the test, an iPhone XS Max was immersed into the river water to a depth of about 10 meters for half an hour The test uses the Mohs scale of hardness to find that the iPhone 12 scratches start at level 6, with deeper scratches beginning to form at level 7. On the other hand, JerryRigEverything determines that surprisingly hard to scratch is the stainless steel frame on the iPhone 12 Pro, even though it is obviously a big fingerprint magnet

Starting with the display scratch phase, the iPhone XR display performed the same as any other modern smartphone which is to get scratched at a level 6 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. In terms of build quality, Apple has opted for anodized aluminum on the iPhone XR except for the glass on the front and back panel. The use of metal can be seen in all parts of the device including side frames and buttons iPhone XR Sapphire Fail The frame holds up pretty well when attacked with the knife. The paint job peels off a bit, but it doesn't suffer lasting damage. The test also confirms that everything is.. iPhone Xs MAX Durability Test - How weak is the big iPhone? Apple has released the new iPhone Xs flagships. Its time to durability test the larger of the new iPhones, the Apple iPhone Xs Max. The biggest screen ever made into a iPhone. Lets see how durable it is! Maybe that extra surface area has made the iPhone Xs Max weaker than the. Apple's iPhone XS outperformed the flagship iPhone XS Max in terms of durability in a drop test video. (Image Source: Bloomberg) Apple's iPhone XS performs better than iPhone X, as well as iPhone XS Max, in terms of durability.This was determined through a drop test, that was posted on YouTube by TechSmartt, comparing the flagship iPhones.One must note that, during the launch of iPhone XS. Get a premium-certified, pre-owned iPhone XS Max from Phonetradr with a rock-solid 12-month warranty. Secure payment options and insured delivery. 'Nuff said

Meanwhile, JerryRigEverything put the iPhone XR through his standard durability tests. He attempts to scratch the device's display, anodized aluminum edges, and more. To see how the anodized aluminum edges compare to the stainless steel of the iPhone XS, watch its scratch test video here iPhone XR DROP Test! Durability Beast. Mobile Tech Galaxy. Follow. 2 years ago | 16 views. iPhone XR DROP Test! Durability Beast. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 8:22. Unboxing of Apple iPhone XS Max in Hindi, price, specifications, features, comparison in India. Technicalgurushw. 1:56. Resumen keynote Apple: iPhone Xs y Xs Max. Home » All Tech » iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max Drop Test - Ultimate Durability Challenge. iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max Drop Test - Ultimate Durability Challenge. September 27, 2018 TechSmartt All Tech 0. Share Tweet The biggest change in the iPhone 8's design compared to the iPhone 7 is the new glass back. Seemingly necessary to accommodate for wireless charging, the iPhone 8 features an all-glass back much like the iPhone 4 did. In PhoneBuff's drop test, the iPhone 8 Plus is put through a series of drops, starting with a drop straight on its back. As. Tech site TechSmartt did a drop test as soon as the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max went on sale. And there's a clear winner in the durability contest

The test shows that the back of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is surprisingly durable, but the device's sharp corners put it at a disadvantage to the iPhone XS Max, against which it is directly compared While Apple's new iPhone 8 takes most of its design cues from the last generation model, the new handset has performed impressively in the durability tests. It has been found that the iPhone 8. That's what YouTuber JerryRigEverything is trying to find out in the video above, where he puts the iPhone XR through the ringer in a variety of durability tests to see if the cheaper iPhone is as durable as its more expensive counterpart, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max.Spoiler alert: yes, for the most part it is just as durable Apple claims that their iPhone XS and XS Max has the most durable glass and also tested even with beer. But, how durable really is it? According to SquareTrade a subsidiary company of Allstate which provides protection plans for electronics revealed their durability test results on the iPhone XS and XS Max. Durability test experiment includes : Back down drop test

Having an iPhone X initially in the space gray color, it still was prone to micro scratches and blemishes despite the PVD coating even in the Apple microfiber lined case. I switched to opted the silver because it can be easily repaired sans coating. Is the durability of the PVD coating any better now, or is silver still the best bet Neither the iPhone XS Max or the Note 10 Plus are the most durable phones that PhoneBuff has tested. According to the site's drop test rankings , the iPhone 8 has performed the best on the drop. The latest durability test results applied on the iPhone 12 Pro are in, and some may be surprised.Zach Nelson starts by quickly unboxing the device, which comes in a smaller box, that doesn't.

iPhone XS drop test: This phone would not crack - CNE

  1. And yes, it happened, the iPhone 12 Pro just went through Zack's JerryRigEverything's Durability test, revealing some stuff that we were waiting to confirm. If you follow me on Twitter, and.
  2. iPhone XS $48.31. iPhone XS Max $40. And that should just about do it! Obviously we will update this list of best rugged cases for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max as we are made aware of and test new ones. And as always, if you know of a case that isn't on this list and should be, tell us about it in the comment section below. Spigen Rugged Armo
  3. With the iPhone 8 now available for purchase in many places around the world, it's popping up in a whole range of videos on YouTube that are looking at everything from speed to durability. YouTuber JerryRigEverything aimed to test Apple's claim that the iPhone 8 is using the most durable glass ever included in a smartphone

The iPhone XS bent at 250 pounds and its glass screen cracked. The LCD screen in the iPhone Xr has a similar level of durability as the OLED screen featured in the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Our tests show that across the board — with both the LCD and OLED screens — the all-glass designs of all three new iPhones are susceptible to cracking. So much so that the metal band around the chassis deformed before the front glass plate showed any sign of damage. Keep in mind that this is, of course, an anecdoatal test with a sample size of one phone. A more comprehensive sampling of iPhone 5's could get expensive, as the 16GB phones are $649 without a carrier YouTuber PhoneBuff is out today with a new video pitting the iPhone XS Max against Samsung's new Galaxy S10+. Apple has made some lofty claims about the latest iPhone's glass durability, but the new Galaxy flagship uses the latest and greatest Gorilla Glass. Here's how the showdown turned out When Apple launched the iPhone XS In a previous post, I predicted that the polycarbonate plastic casing for the Samsung Galaxy S III would give it an edge in durability over the iPhone 5, and it seems I spoke too soon.The folks at Android Authority have pit the iPhone 5 against the Samsung Galaxy S III. Naturally they were rooting for the high-end Android phone, but were surprised to see the iPhone 5 hold up against two falls. It's an iPhone Xs durability test and you have to know what to expect before deciding to upgrade, since, just like the specs, the price definitely went up. Watch as iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are dropped from 6 feet and what exactly will happen when, eventually, your device will take a similar tumble

The iPhone XS Drop Test / iPhone XS Max Drop Test. In this video we pin the iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max against Apple's iPhone X. Is the new iPhone XS and iPho.. iPhone XS and iPhone XS max perform poorly on drop tests credit: SquareTrade. Based on these and a couple of other durability tests, SquareTrade assigned the iPhone XS Max a higher durability score of 70 (medium risk of breaking), while iPhone XS was given a durability score of 86 (high risk of breaking)

Just how waterproof is the iPhone XS? - CNET

Apple has come a long way since its #bendgate days of the iPhone 6 Plus, with the iPhone XS Max featuring a stainless steel chassis and the most durable smartphone glass ever. As a durability test done by YouTuber JerryRigEverything shows, the iPhone XS Max has the same hardness level on the Mohs scale as previous iPhones Sure, phones today are more shatterproof than in years past, but cracked screens still present a pesky problem. With the Galaxy S10+ and iPhone XS Max arguably the two top smartphones on the market today, the folks over at PhoneBuff recently decided to see how Apple and Samsung's respective flagships performed in a tried and true drop test

What's even more spectacular is that the iPhone Xs Max stores the largest battery providing it a greater battery life than the iPhone Xs. Upon conducting the web surfing test, the iPhone Xs Max lasted for around 10 hours and 38 minutes, while the iPhone Xs only lasted for 9 hours and 41 minutes. Your Ultimate iPhone XS Max Cas Battery life has been steady. We praised the battery life of the iPhone XS Max a year ago, and a year later, it's still pretty good. Right now, I have a 91% maximum capacity. So it has degraded over the year, which is typical for lithium batteries, but the battery life itself is still good Oct 19, 2018 - iPhone Xs MAX Durability Test - How weak is the big iPhone? - YouTub IP67 dust/water resistant (up to 1m for 30 mins) Apple Pay (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX certified) IP68 dust/water resistant (up to 2m for 30 mins) Apple Pay (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX certified) Display.. Apple's claims were to put to test when a YouTuber had the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max along with last year's iPhone X face durability challenges. The criteria for the challenge was drop tests from different heights to see how well the three iPhones held up to falls. In the first test, the YouTuber dropped the three phones from pocket height.

Worried about iPhone XS durability. So this morning I ordered an iPhone XS with 256GB in Silver. I'm switching from a nearly 4 year old Galaxy Note 4 and had an iPhone 4 and 3GS in the past, which were great phones. The true test came when I stupidly placed my X on the hood of my Tundra a couple of months ago. The phone slid off and landed. How we test. Overall score includes Battery life (10%) Music player (5%) Calling (5%) includes reception Durability (5%) includes shock, scratch and water resistance Ease of use (5%) includes texting and internet and email GPS navigation (5%) Get access to see the rest. We've reviewed the Apple iPhone XS (256GB) to see how well it performs. The new iPhones released in 2019 are all fast charge capable, but Apple only included fast chargers in the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max boxes. They expect iPhone 11 buyers to go out and buy their own fast chargers. Super annoying. What else is different on the cheaper iPhone 11? Today we are going to find out during the durability test Durability wise the Catalyst iPhone X/ Xs Impact Protection Case is the real deal. However, expect it to be a bit expensive compared to your standard cases. But for the value that you will get, it's worth it. It also comes with a 12-months manufacturing warranty and a responsive after-sales customer service iPhone Xs MAX Durability Test Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing iPhone Xs Max Note 9 Katana Scratch Test Android Pie Samsung 10 on Galaxy S9 | TechUpdate

And its time to see what its physically made of. Using the Apple iPhone 8 body, and putting all the latest hardware inside like some kind of electronic Frankenstein - We have the 399 dollar iPhone SE 2nd generation. Does having a smaller 399 phone effect your desire to have apples 1000 dollar flagship? They kinda do the exact same thing The iPhone XS and XS Max have only just become available for consumers, and people are already drop-testing the phone. This video from YouTuber 'TechSmartt' compares the new XS and XS Max with last year's iPhone X to see if Apple's claim about more durable glass is true. While not an exact science, drop tests are at least a fun way to see how durable a phone is New iPhone Xs DROP Test. A pple has released their newest flagship smartphone - iPhone Xs/ Xs Max and Xr.And passed week ago, JerryRigEverything's have uploaded a video for iPhone Xs Max durability test on his YouTube channel. He has just uploaded another video 2 days ago on his YouTube channel regarding iPhone Xs DROP test Watch Apple's iPhone XS, XS Max Durability, Beer Resistance Claims Being Put To The Test [Video] By Oliver Haslam | September 26th, 2018 When Apple took the wraps off of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max , it made a big deal out of the fact that it believed both phones to be tougher than ever iPhone XS Max is scratched with a Knife to test its Durability, as per a new video on YouTube by JerryRigEverything.Apple claims that this is their strongest glass ever on Iphone and this video puts these claims to the test. JerryRigEverything is a YouTube channel synonymous with one thing - I'm gonna wreck it!

The front facing (selfie) camera is identical for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. The iPhone XR, iPhone 8, and iPhone 7 only have one rear facing camera - a wide-angle lens. The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus also have a second rear facing camera - a telephoto lens with optical zoom capability Notably, iPhone XR went on to survive the firm's stomach-churning bend test, at which the device outperformed the more durable iPhone XS, but performed on par with the larger iPhone XS Max Judul : iPhone XR Has Same Durability As iPhone XS & XS Max, But Beats iPhone XS In Bend Test link : iPhone XR Has Same Durability As iPhone XS & XS Max, But Beats iPhone XS In Bend Test The launch of the new smartphones always can't escape the fate of being dropped via drop tests, and according to the latest test results of SquareTrade, a well.

Durability Tests Suggest New iPhones Can Survive Some

Big L: Guy Does A Durability Test On The New iPhone XS Max & It Didn't Do Too Well! BROKEN? 238,201 views. Uploaded September 22, 2018. The new iPhone XS Max is put to a durability test. Posted by Abdul. SHOW MORE SHOW LESS. Please click the Report button below if the video on this page is not working properly The older iPhone XS has a higher pixel density, with 1125 x 2436 pixels to the iPhone 11's 828 x 1792. Both achieve a 'Retina' screen, meaning a real difference in sharpness will not be.

Incipio Esquire Series Carnaby Case for iPhone Xs IPH-1764-GRYiPhone 12 Pro’s Ceramic Shield doesn’t help against scratchesApple responds to iPhone 6 Bendgate controversy, says only

Durability Test: iPhone XR Less Breakable Than $250 More

JerryRigEverything performed a series of tests that involved scratching, burning and bending the new iPhone XR to see whether it holds up as good as the XS and XS Max do. While the XR uses the same glass as the XS, the frame is quite different. The XR goes for an aluminium frame while the XS and XS Max offer a stainless steel frame Last year, the iPhone X was also put through a drop test from a height of 1000 feet from California's tallest bridge. The person who conducted the drop test filmed the entire session and shows the iPhone flipping 12 times when falling down. Despite the huge distance of 1000 feet, the smartphone was found in a working condition Guaranteed to provide a complete charge and smooth sync compatibility with all charger devices including iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/SE 2020/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X 8 7 6 Plus, iPad , iPod Selling an iPhone XR & XS to ecoATM. iPhone XR BEST or WORST iPhone. iPhone XR DROP Test Durability Beast iPhone Xr Display Quality Comparison with Xs Xs Max and 8 Plus. iPhone XR Unboxing Setup and Display Comparison Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with Gorilla Glass 6 loses to iPhone XS Max in drop test durability. 03/30/2019 By Focuses Galaxy S10 Plus, iPhone XS Max. YouTuber PhoneBuff is out today with a new video pitting the iPhone XS Max against Samsung's new Galaxy S10+. Apple has made some lofty claims about the latest iPhone's glass durability, but the.

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